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Co-Creation Series:

Hello and welcome to our new format of delivering content about our upcoming products to customers and fans of Lumos. This is a way for us to show you what our product roadmap looks like for the year, but more importantly gives you the opportunity to be involved and help shape our products with us so that we can build the best solutions catering to your specific needs. We’re hoping this will be a really fruitful exercise and we’re excited to co-create with you to make the best Lumos products yet.

Hi, it's me again. - Bilal, co-founder of Lumos

At the end of our Ultra Kickstarter campaign, we ran a survey about what you wanted to see from us in the future and the feedback we received from you was clear; more lights, things with a battery (not quite sure why this specifically, but it came up numerous times) and more cycling accessories. So we set to work planning out our next round of products. If there’s something we’ve developed a fair amount of expertise on over the years of running Lumos, it’s lights. So naturally it made sense to think about this more deeply. We also constantly hear from our customer-base that ‘you can never have too many lights’, and we agree! So bike lights it is!

Yayyy to your first contribution to the process!

Now, because we’re Lumos, we don’t just want to do any ol’ bike lights. We’re really serious about innovation here, so delivering something special in this category is absolutely our main objective. We’d love to push the bike light market forward, just like we’ve done with cycling helmets. So let’s begin with a bit of theory and go over our mission and how we go about thinking about developing new products.

As humans, when we’re in the dark, our eyes are always searching for recognizable elements and are looking to identify patterns and make sense of things moving around us. We’re particularly adept at spotting faces, or if it’s in the dark, looking for a pair of eyes. It’s a survival trick we learned over the years of being chased around by predators during the night.

When you have two lights that don’t look like they’re connected, your mind doesn’t immediately associate that they’re part of one entity. However, when those two lights are moving in unison together, the human mind can more easily comprehend that they belong to the same body. The distance of those two lights also helps us to determine the size of the entity. If the lights are close together, we naturally assume a smaller object and a larger object if they’re further apart.

By spreading out the lights on a rider, we create a larger silhouette that becomes far more visible on the road. Drivers will assume you’re big, and are more likely to give you more room.

Comparing one light placement vs two or three lights that are spread out

Since we also have helmets that are smart, we’re able to create a whole cacophony of synced lights which all flash in glorious unison.

Something that our customers love about our helmets are the turn signals, so you can bet those are also going to be a key feature of our smart lights.

Join us on this journey

As you can probably tell, we’ve already made a few early prototypes and have been busy testing these with a few Ultra Kickstarter campaign backers and the initial responses have been very positive. I’ll be sharing more details on how the design has evolved in a future post, but we’re not done yet.

To make it easy for us to get an idea, just use the link below to sign-up to receive the rest of our updates to this Co-Creation series.

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That’s it for now. We’ll be updating you on our progress through these posts, but if you’re really excited and want to get more involved, feel free to join our Discord server and see a lot more of what’s going on behind the scenes (you might even hear about a few other products that we’re working on).


It was a very unpleasant experience for us to pay for the two helmets we ordered and receive them a year later.
We will see what happens later, it is very difficult to order something from you and wait so long to receive a product and especially when they have paid and play with our money. I know in advance that my comment will probably not be published, because as I spoke with some, this was a great annoyance.
Thank you

Jaime Bejarano April 22, 2022

Put a FRONT turn signal back in all Ultras and any new designs. It was surly a surprise when I got my new helmet, Also any parts (the early helmet turn signal switch not available) I have not been able to get any response from customer service.

Merrill DuMont April 22, 2022

Hi , I suggest to couple the light devices with a solar charger and battery to be able to load every lights on the road
Kind regards

Silvio April 22, 2022

Seems to me you’re going in the right direction…As someone who does a lot of riding, I also do a lot of listening and talking on my phone…is there a way you can build in helmet speakers and/or a good speaker microphone. How about “voice command” to change the message on helmet as one is riding…just some random thoughts from an old rider.

Lowell April 22, 2022

In my opinion what I see is distracting to all road users. Being on the road at night is not a carnival scene, with an array of flashing leds. A ‘bar’ of permanent lights, I would consider to be much more effective. As for the turning signals they should be seen from both oncoming as well as vehicles from behind the rider.

Improvements: Reverse the existing lights on the handle bars with directional orange flashing arrows, for oncoming traffic. As for the rear signal lights, incorporate them onto the already existing rear light, with directional orange flashing arrows.

To simplify the operation when turning ensure all lights are connected via Wi-fi

onto oncoming handlebar, rear light signals, foot pedals,

with a (Wi-Fi) voice command ( left / right ) within the helmet, from the rider.

Good luck

Dave Anderson April 22, 2022

I’m an owner of 1st generation of Lumos when I lived in London. I’ve moved to IReykjavik, Iceland. I’ve haven’t been able to order a new one to my country. I love your products and I would be keen to promote you in Iceland when daylight in the winter is only about 3 to 5 hours per day. With my helmet I’ve been greatly reconiced because Reykjavik is a great bike city.

Gardar Agnarsson Hall April 22, 2022

I just hope i won’t have to wait ONE YEAR like I did on my previous order…

Courroyé Jean-Louis April 22, 2022

Those bar end lights are a great idea. I hope you focus on daytime visibility as most people ride during daylight hours.

Rex Diamond April 22, 2022

These are great although a brighter stop light on a rear flashing light would be great!
Bar end turn signals would be nice too!

David Fasano April 22, 2022

Hi guys,
please think about turn signals being able to work without the front and back lights being ON. (e.g. for daytime rides)
Thanks and keep on innovating!
greetings from Switzerland,

Phil April 22, 2022

The few pics are encouraging. I look forward to being part of the process.

Smart lights that paid with my smart helmet makes lots of sense

Tom Meaney April 21, 2022

Already I love the idea, however as somebody who likes to ride fast, the last thing I want to see is something that is not aerodynamic. I ride a Madone.

Ryan Milton April 21, 2022

Great idea!

Gary Toakley April 21, 2022

Are you having any beta testers for these please Folks?

Barry Atha April 21, 2022

1. Having lights a fixed distance apart can also allow drivers to subconsiously determine that the lights are moving toward them or away from them and at what relative speed.
2. To be applicable to the greatest number of all the weird and whacky handlebar shapes, could bar-end ligths project a little and have a ball-joint to allow positioning. I have bar-end lights I never use as my handlebars point sideways or forwards.
3. Whilst rear lights are more important than others, could bar end lights also incorporate forward facing lights? (UK study of all bike accidents they could get data to do a multi-variate analysis for showed that there was no particularly strong correlation with most factors and just that chances are that one day someone will run you over from behind).

Keirnan Murphy April 21, 2022

I don’t ride a whole lot at night, but sometimes it at dusk. This definitely looks like a great concept for improving safety. I would be interested in this product.

David Dunlap April 21, 2022

Thank you for the insight. Really interesting.

Roy Sparrow April 21, 2022

You can put lights on shirts or pants also.

Phillip Cook April 21, 2022

These lights look very promising. I love my Lumos helmet. Someday it would be terrific if you added intercom capabilities to your MIP helmets. I have not see that yet in the US.

Jenine April 21, 2022

Great idea, anything that can maximize my silhouette while riding in dusk or dawn can go a long ways towards improving my visibility to other drivers and thus my safety. I always use your helmet when riding in these conditions this new product will surely complement the helmet!

Eduardo Villavicencio April 21, 2022

I have 2 of your helmets, I like the magnetic charging plug better the the newer plug witch I have to find my cheaters on to plug it in. Never use the turn signals because it’s a hassle to use and friends I ride with always forget to turn them off after they turn creating new hazards. I like the weight and comfort of my newer one better so I ware that one more.

Steve May 03, 2022

I love the idea can’t wait to see what the end result will be, if its as good as it sounds am in but no battery’s we are trying to save are Earth so no batterys

Alex April 21, 2022

Bilal, love the concepts but your helmets are too small. Need an XXL option before we can light up the night.

chan April 21, 2022

Great work guys I think your new ideas are going to set the benchmark for bicycle safety. I’ve owned your kickstarter helmet for a few years now and I never felt safer to go on a night ride. Keep up the great work and can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next.

Augustine Tarango April 21, 2022

For bicycles, it is also important to be seen laterally, so a synchronized light signal attached to the frame and/or preferably the wheels is important for visibility in my experience.

Paul Gepts April 21, 2022

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