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Lumos Ultra
Jennifer Weiss
Outstanding customer service

once again, Lumos has provided outstanding customer service. I love these helmets and I'm now on my fourth one. Loving the new bright lime green.

Helmet Padding
Glen Oosterhof
Lumos Ultra replacement padding

Brilliant! The replacement kit includes replacement Velcro as well as the pads. Everything you could possibly need!

Great helmet and visibility

As the title says! Will add that it’s one of the most comfortable helmets I’ve ever owned and doesn’t feel like I’m wearing one. Thrilled with my decision to purchase this. Do the same!

Lumos Ultra
Tim Morrison

My whole family use Lumos helmets and we love them. Comfortable and lightweight. Very pleased with our purchase.

Saved my bacon/brain

This is my second Lumos, I was using (and loving) the Matrix for almost two years before this helmet came out and I decided to upgrade to the MIPS version. My e-Bikes are all Class 3 and I usually ride 28-31 MPH. The turn signals are take the fear out of turns by loudly alerted motorists my intentions. Last December I was hit by a slow moving car and I banged my head on the pavement and the helmet performed as expected. My brain loves Lumos and you will too.

Lumos Firefly
Martin Schiefer
Many thanks

The firefly is a really cool device

Lumos Firefly
Burkhardt Müller-Sönksen
very good, but expansive :-)

for security reason a must. i hope, if more people buy it, is become a littlebit cheaper.

Lumos Ultra
Simon Gravatt
Every cyclist should have one

Brilliantly designed, high quality, comfortable – I feel much safer on the roads with it.

Great design, good visibility, short battery

I really like the design. The helmet is light, le lights brights and great ideas to have different types of lights flashing set up offer to user to choose from.

Having the turning light also set above the eye to indicate is genius.

I would have like to have handlebars mount that could be permanently secured to the handlebar instead of the 2 plastic rings.

Thank you to have the lumos remote having the same charger device as the helmet.. but as I was not sure the remote control was doing the emergency brakes, I bought the other remote which needs usb-C charger.
PS: you do not need to buy another remote as the one included is already doing the job perfectly.

Would have been great if the helmet had integrated secured storage area to place the remote control when not cycling. As unfortunately in cities (like London), the remote has to be removed each time you leave the bike alone or the remote might be stolen.

I don't like the turning light sounds. Too loud.

Desappointed with the battery life. It is clearly state on the description it is 3 to 6h... Which I thought was food... But then you realise that you need to charge the helmet and remote every 2/3 days.

Also when there is no battery: there is no pre-alert. When off battery, The helmet will bip only 3 times and switch off immediately.

Overall it is an helmet I would definitely recommend. And that help me to make me more safe on commuting cycling. The dislike part are more for constructive feedback and future amelioration possible.

Excellent Helmet!

This helmet ticked all the boxes for me, especially in the visibility category.
The turn signals work great with the App. I have not used them with the handle bar button.
The visor is very useful in the windy conditions that I tend to ride in.
Looking forward to any additional enhancements to the app. YouTube video placeholder
Lumos Ultra
Scott Eskanos

A very nice helmet.

Remote in London. 🇬🇧 Cyclist in South Africa. 🇿🇦

I arrive in London on Wednesday coming. I can review then? 🚲

Great MIPS Bicycle Helmet

The Lumos bicycle helmet is well made and is of high quality. I have a large round head. For me, it is a little uncomfortable to wear above my temples because the shape of the helmet is more oval shaped than round. The technology (lights) work fine.

Lumos Matrix
Susan Zwiener
Best helmet ever, and quite a conversation piece!

I recently wore my new Lumos Matrix helmet and got so many compliments on how cool and practical it was! What a great invention!!!!!!

Charging Cable
Rui Azevedo
Great customer service

I bought a replacement charging cable for my fantastic Lumos Helmet, the item was slightly delayed on delivery but Lumos staff were ever so reassuring and professional throughout… will definitely recommend Lumos to colleagues, friends and family. Thank you.

Remote Lite
Rafał Sperling
Great product

Simply, clever solution

Helmet Padding
Henry Otim
Ultra Helmet Padding

Great pads for replacement and true fit for the Ultra Helmet. Will buy again in the red colour.

The best light

I’m very happy with the Firefly. I was a tester and I ride all kind of bikes in the dark or light. I got the Ultra Pro helmet too. I’m very visible.

Lumos Ultra
Kuba from Poland
Top of the top!

he helmet arrived to me in perfect condition. The order processing went flawlessly. I must admit that I have never experienced such customer service before. The helmet itself is an excellent product, well-made, and looks very cool. You can feel that I have a decent piece of equipment on my head. The lighting works flawlessly. I recommend it.

Firefly Turn Signal Mounts

I love them especially when riding alone and want to be seen! But i do get complaints on group rides that they are just a bit distracting! I still give them a thumbs up and 5 stars for safety reasons!

Lumos Ultra
Leslie S
bright lights

Only have had my helmet for a month; so life cycle of battery cannot be determined. Lights are clear and bright. Helmet fits and is adjustable as would be expected.

Lumos Firefly
Brian Soucy
One of Lumos best helmets to date!

This light airy helmet is wonderful, have gotten many compliments from other riders! No overheating issues and I live in Florida! One of my best purchases to date!

Ultra Visor
Daniel Humphrey
For riding before and after sunup

When we ride before sunup to avoid traffic and heat, the lights can be seen from miles away. After sunup, heading into the sun, I have the attachable visor to keep me from being blinded. Very nice fitting and good looking.

Lumos Ultra Fly Pro
JJ De Gucht

I haven’t received the helmet yet

Lumos Firefly
Théo Bouchenez
Excellent !

Excellente lumière avec une synchronisation d’un écosystème au top! Je recommande